Day 13: The One Where We Climb the Water Tower

Hello, everyone!!

Thank you so much for tuning into yet another day of our adventures. Because our team has already finished our main task of interviewing the students at CAPA and transcribing their interviews (praise God!), today’s plans were a little up in the air. We still left home at the same time this morning and got to CAPA around 7am. However, there was a power outage so we weren’t able to work on some main tasks that required electricity. During the time that we were not transporting boxes of books or organizing the CAPA library, we were on-call for any other jobs that they had for us. We made our time worthwhile with lots of random activities. Let me share some of them with you!

And…the best for last:
Photoshopping Elliot’s face on everyone else’s in a group photo…..HAHAHAHA (thanks, Jeremy!). I love that it looks so normal at first glance.

Around 9am, Elliot, Bridget, and Samantha said their good-byes to us because they needed to head back to the States a little earlier than the rest of the team. We were sad to part ways with our dear team members, but we are looking forward to being reunited with them again on Sunday when the rest of us return home. Please be praying for their health and safety in traveling as they embark on a 32-hour journey!

In the meantime, we decided to take some other group photos! (I don’t know why it was only of the girls..we’ll take some for the boys tomorrow, hopefully.)

After a half-day at CAPA, we headed back to the Ayres home to eat lunch. Bethany prepared chicken pot pie, cornbread, grilled zucchinis, and sourdough bread for us! I’m sincerely going to miss her made-from-scratch recipes. She’s so kind, talented, and truly mom goals, heh. Upon finishing lunch, we had some fun doodling and reading with the Ayres kids!

Left to right: Titus, Moriah, Jeremy, Caleb, Georgie, Josephine

Then we climbed the water tower! Though some of our palms were sweaty, knees weak, and arms were heavy (lol sorry), we had a lot of fun and really appreciated the glorious view from so high up.

For dinner, our team split up into two groups. My group went to the McCracken home, and we had the privilege of fellowshipping with their family and playing with their hilarious kids that made our group crack up (or should I say McCracken up) (OK, sorry it’s 12am as I’m trying to get this post up because the Wi-Fi is slow, and my sense of humor is clearly taking a toll) the entire night. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the photos below. It was such a joy to learn about how Tony and Santie met, how abundantly the Lord provided for them in the adoption process of their three children, and how they came to CAPA. Throughout listening to their stories, I kept noticing trends of their obedience and faithfulness to Christ and the church. I am humbled at the reminder of how much I need to grow in these areas, and I’m so grateful that I have had the opportunity time and time again on this STM to learn and grow from the tangible, godly examples of the missionary families and CAPA students.

I can’t believe that tomorrow is already our last full day here in Malawi. The days are truly so fleeting, but I pray that each member in our team would remember not only the distance that the Lord has brought us in terms of mileage, but more importantly, His faithfulness in moving mountains in our hearts. Despite the fact that the Lord does not need my hands to do His work, I praise Him that he entrusted this STM to me and my team. At times, it has truly been a fight for me to remain joyful through jet lag, some tummy issues and simply (or as complicated as) my own heart. Through waves of feeling inadequate because of my shortcomings, it is only by the Lord’s grace that He has equipped me with His love so that I can be confident in His strength rather than my own weakness.

Please be praying that each member of our team would be a man or woman after the Lord’s own heart, that we would continue to consider one another’s interests above our own, that we would be eager to maintain unity in the Spirit, that we would fight to be grateful and joyful in each and every circumstance, and that the Lord would continue stretching our hearts for His global mission. Please pray that we would not forget the experiences and encounters that the Lord has blessed us with. Please pray that CAPA would continue to flourish and that the students would be thoroughly equipped to teach God’s Word rightly and faithfully. Once again, thank you thank you thank you!! ❤

Love always and in Him,



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