Day 16: The End Slice

Sometime in the beginning of the trip, a few members of the team had a debate over what to call that edge piece on a loaf of bread. (You know what I’m talking about—that awkward end slice that everyone avoids because it’s 80% crust.) Some insisted on calling it the heel, while others were quite sure it was called the butt. But as for me, I like to call it The End Slice.

So here it is – The End Slice of the Malawi 2017 STM Blog Series.

When Jeffery last updated this blog, the majority of the team was in Washington D.C., awaiting the final flight to LAX. Although we hadn’t made it to our destination quite yet, a few members of the team celebrated our return to the States by indulging in some pumpkin spice lattes, courtesy of Starbucks. Fall’s back, everyone.

With a few hours of free time, some of us played card games.

Finally, it was time to board the plane. Caleb said something alone the lines of, “The final ride!” and it felt like we were marching off to battle or something. And with six more hours or so of being cramped in a flying tube of metal, we basically were. It was a battle against jetlag, sore butts, and greasy hair.

Shout out to the two photo bombers in the back. 


After six hours of watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, playing Set, and reluctantly dozing, we found our way to the Los Angeles International Airport. We were then greeted by our wonderful drivers and reunited with two of our team members.

We hung onto a few more moments together as a team, chatting in the apartments and sharing a meal at Seoul House of Tofu, before officially saying goodbye.

And thus ended the Malawi 2017 STM.

But, I remind myself that, though our time in Malawi has ended, God’s global plan has not. Though we have left Malawi, God has not. Please pray that I, along with the rest of the team, remember that truth.

During the trip, one of my team members asked Jim Ayres why he requested 15 college students to aid CAPA instead of, say, money. He gave many reasons; but what stood out to me was the final one: He said that the trip was for us. The prayer was that we would leave Malawi not just with completed interviews, but also with moved hearts, realigned thoughts, a renewed understanding of God’s work on a global scale.

Although he acknowledged that it may be easy for the 15 of us to return to the original constructs of our American lives, Jim said he hoped we would find a way to continue supporting God’s global mission. He also pointed out that this could look different for everybody—some might donate money, some might dedicate time to prayer, others might become missionaries themselves, or—who knows—others might do something else entirely. But the point is this: We shouldn’t just let these experiences sit idle in our hearts; let us use them practically, in a way that honors the truth reflected in the Word of God.

Thus, please pray that, as we settle back down, we reflect our experiences in Malawi with not just changing hearts, but also moving hands. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge; now, let us use it.

I also ask that you continue to pray for the missionaries that you’ve seen on this blog. As I said before, although the short-term ministry has concluded, the long-term ministry remains; God continues to work in Malawi through these families and the sacrifices they make. Pray that they continue to draw inspiration from our great Lord and His Word, remembering the great work that He has promised to finish.

And finally, pray for the students of CAPA. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide them with the funds they need and the strength that schoolwork requires. (More prayer requests coming soon at Stay tuned.)

May Christ be proclaimed.

Grace Ye



One thought on “Day 16: The End Slice

  1. I enjoyed scrolling through your posts and photos. I’ve been to Malawi four times also. Our church – Faith Bible Church in Orange County sends a team at Easter break time to put on a Family Camp for the IBF people. We know the Ayres, and have stayed many times with the Floreen’s. This last April we were with the Kopp’s. We also help out at CAPA in the library, as well as in the Chinsapo Village with the children. Bless you all for your good service. My heart always longs to return. The photos were great for memories too.
    Jackie Houchin PS If you were at the Kopp’s since August, you met Jana, my youngest granddaughter.


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